Eligibility Policy


  • Eligibility status may apply to any athletic or extracurricular activity (i.e. athletic games, dances, formals, drama performances, clubs, etc.). Students should be academically eligible, have excellent attendance, and a good discipline history in order to participate in any extracurricular activities. Administrators have the right to use their discretion in regards to students attending extra-curricular activities.

    Item 1-A student who is failing two or more courses in any one reporting period (approximately a 5-week cycle) may be ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities. Failing is defined as any grade less than a 65%, a Withdraw Fail (WF), or Incomplete (INC). Non-credit bearing courses and academic intervention courses are excluded in this item.

    Item 2-A student’s ineligibility status may be converted from red light to green light under the following conditions: The student enrolls in, attends, and participates in the Academic Accountability Program throughout the cycle.

    Item 3-Academic Accountability Program requires red-lighted students to do the following throughout the five-week cycle:

  • Attend Open Enrollment and Orientation; complete required paperwork 

  • Submit to program coordinator and coach/advisor Weekly Accountability Sheet which  shows academic improvement in at least two (2) subjects the 
student was failing. In the event of a substitute on a Friday, the student must report to their AP for approval in that subject. The building principal can use multiple criteria to make a final decision in this manner. 

  • Attend one hour of Study Skills instruction each week and two one-hour Tutoring days each week 

  • Students who fail to submit Weekly Accountability Sheet or who fail to attend the program three times per week will be “red-lighted” (ineligible) the following week
The duration of the “red-lighted” period will be Monday through Sunday (exclusive of school vacations)

    Item 4-Students who are red-lighted may be included on sports teams and clubs, but may not participate in games, field trips (that are not tied to a credited course), musicals, or the like.

    Item 5-Coaches and advisors are responsible for checking the Ineligibility List on a week-by-week basis. Students who are green-lighted will be highlighted in yellow; students are “red-lighted: will be highlighted in red. The Ineligibility List will be updated each Monday by noon. Ineligible and red-lighted students will not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities. 

    Item 6-Students who do not enroll during the sign-up period can enroll at any time, but are ineligible until that student has met a weeks’ worth of AAP Requirements (see item 3). Mitigating circumstances will be considered by RFA administration. 

    Item 7-Students enrolled in the Academic Accountability Program will be automatically green-lighted after school vacations and/or breaks that are three academic days or long in duration. 

    Extra-Curricular Activities: There are many clubs and organizations at Rome Free Academy. We urge you to check into the ones that interest you and find out more about them. Listen for announcements at the beginning of the year for organizational meetings of these clubs - their time, place, etc. GET INVOLVED! 

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