Harassment & Discrimination

- Students should never feel that it is not safe to come to school and participate in all school activities.

Students should never be made to feel threatened or unsafe, or be prevented from concentrating on their schoolwork because another student or a school staff member is teasing them, making fun of them, pushing them around, or threatening them in any way because of their race, color, national origin (where the student’s family comes from), ethnic group, religion, religious practices, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, or for any other reasons.

-It is against school district rules for any student or school staff member to subject a student to harassment or through discriminatory acts, be it through physical actions or verbal statements, to include electronic messages. This kind of conduct is prohibited on school property, on school buses, at all school-sponsored events, and off school grounds if such conduct should have a negative impact on a student in the school setting.
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