Tardiness to class (per class)

3 tardies = lunch detention to assigned by Assistant Principal (teacher required to call home) 6 tardies = 2 additional lunch detentions assigned by Assistant Principal
9 tardies = 1 after school detention (Assistant Principal notifies counselor for meeting)
12 tardies = 2 after school detentions

* Cumulative tardies in excess of 12 will be handled at the discretion of the grade level administrator in collaboration with teacher(s) as necessary.

Tardiness to school to be reevaluated every marking period.
At 7 days unexcused truant, a PINS referral will be initiated that begins with the following steps:

  1. Student must fall under the compensatory age.

  2. Attendance Clerk will provide the school counselors and school social worker attendance reports for investigation.

  3. At that point, the Social Worker will meet with the student and refer them to Probation based on the findings of the internal investigation.

  4. Based on the Probation recommendation, assistant principals will be given the final paperwork for signature and authorization.

  5. Once Probation is involved and or included, Safe Schools will initiate an immediate Initial Response Team(IRT).

**Tardiness and truancy are separated by the “20-minute rule.” If a student reaches his or her destination within 20 minutes of the time required to start a class, lunch, or school, it is a tardy. If the student reaches his or her destination beyond the 20 minutes of the start to class, lunch or school it is considered truancy.

***The building principal and grade level assistant principals reserve the right to show discretion on any of the above penalties based on special or mitigating circumstances.

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