Educational Philosophy


From its roots in the "Academy", Rome Free Academy has sought to develop the talent of each student who in turn contributes to the welfare of others. The democratic ideal that the individual, whose knowledge, interests, ideas and attitudes, finds fulfillment in human interaction is constantly pursued. The correlation of personal requirements and the public good remain indispensable to the continuance of a society with purpose and value.

Thoughtful curriculum development toward contemporary social needs and the employment of appropriate professional knowledge will enable Rome Free Academy to continue to provide students with the opportunity for learning and instill a desire for excellence. Students must be prepared to assume the responsibility for their academic, occupational and social development. The school must provide a wholesome and safe learning environment and employ modern instructional methodology to achieve its goals.

The following objectives clarify the Educational Philosophy of Rome Free Academy. Formal and informal instruction at Rome Free Academy should teach students to:

Academic Goals

• Gain command of common integrating knowledge and skills that include basic competencies necessary to function in a literate society.
• Move away from fact-bound, memorized knowledge and toward reasoning, problem-solving, theorizing, and ultimately, to a high quality of understanding.
• Strive toward a disposition to a lifetime of learning and inquiring, always aware of the need to adapt to a dynamic society.
• Be aware of the opportunity to exert some control and influence over their school environment.

Social Goals
• Understand and internalize a system of ethical and moral values required for the maintenance of personal dignity.
• Understand the responsibility of citizenship in order to participate effectively in the political, social, economic, and legal system.
• Understand and practice culturally acceptable patterns of human relationships that include a tolerance for individual and cultural differences.
• Gain knowledge and appreciation of our society in terms of opportunities for creative expression, recreation, and self-determination.

Personal Goals

• Maintain one's physical, mental and emotional health.
• Gain a personal awareness of one's potential and limitations in establishing career objectives.
• Gain occupational and/or academic competence that will assure fulfillment of the career plans upon leaving high school.

These goals should help us to prepare students to participate in a society that is honest in recognizing its problems, creative enough to conceive new solutions, and purposeful enough to put these solutions into practice.
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